Please take a look at some of the bucket-list wishes we’ve helped to fulfill! If any of these inspire you or someone you know, please contact us so we can help make your dream come true. Perhaps you want to do something but not sure what it is or how to make it happen? Don’t worry, we have a long list of possibilities that we can discuss and offer guidance on how to achieve this goal.

Serving Those Who Served Us (Sun Communities)

Anita Saavedra, 69 (Ride the Goodyear Blimp!)

Sharon Hancock, 69 (Hot Air Balloon)

"Life in the Fast Lane!" (Sun Communities)

Mary Bartley, 90 (Purple Harley Davidson)

Fitzgerald Wedding Vow Renewal

Louise Spencer, 92 (Truck Driving)

Fred Davis, 70 (Skydiving)

Monica Brown, 75 (Race Car Driving)

Mariano Altieri, 79 – Blind man drives for the first time!

Stanley Malmon, 89 (Skydiving)

Prem Kishore, 75 (Amtrak)

Trudie Zimmerman, 99 (Nurse For A Day)

John McDonald, 91 (Parasailing)

Estelle Eisenberg, 90 (Skydiving)

Edna Baldwin, 91 (Race Car Driving)

Yolanda Hodges, 61 (Skydiving)

Family Reunion at 12,500 Feet