Donating to Jump! Every Dollar Makes A Difference!!

As I addressed the residents at St. Anthony’s in Minneapolis, a sweet-petite gal sat with her walker and told me how her husband of 30 years drove a big-rig and wanted to fulfill her own bucket list wish of driving an 18-wheeler too! Whether it was to carry on his memory or something else, I didn’t ask. Louise was excited about the possibilities but sad to think that she simply could not afford it. I told Louise not to worry, that this is a dream we would like to help her fulfill.

The fact that these dreams not only turn into reality, but also become game changers in the life on an individual is the reason we raise money.

You can’t really put a price on helping someone move from the darkness into the light, but it gives purpose to our mission and we hope you feel strong enough about what we do to contribute to our cause.

If you have any questions about donating to Jump!, please contact me via email @ or on my cell @ 760-851-5186.

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