Super Senior Lifestyles

At Jump, we not only help seniors achieve what’s left on their bucket list, but highlight those special individuals who continue to live extraordinary and inspirational lives! We do this because their stories have the ability to inspire other seniors to do the same. Let’s face it, not every 80 & 90-year-old has the ability to Jump! into a race car or out of a plane, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have something on their bucket-list they would like to fulfill. This page is dedicated to those seniors who are not only living enriched lives, but helping others to do the same.

Norm Gold – “For the Love of the Game”

“A Cold Day, A Warm Heart” – The Story of Lois Goodman

“Music of the Desert”

Sunny Gilliland – “Sunny Days”

“Life of Cohen”

The Grant Avenue Follies

Fran Bera