Become a participant

Let’s face it, not everyone is equipped to jump out of a plane or into a racecar, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have a dream you would like to fulfill. In our first five years, here are some of the bucket-list wishes we’ve helped turned from dream to reality:


Racecar Driving


Amtrak Train Journey

Driving an 18-Wheeler


Driving a car for the first time

Playing a musical instrument

So what do we look for when choosing each participant? Here’s the short list:

  • Might be old on paper but young at heart!
  • Blessings from the family and the family doctor!
  • Is this story going to make a difference to inspire other seniors?
  • Is this story economically feasible with the limited resources we have?
  • Is it safe?

If we feel your bucket-list wish falls within these parameters, then we kindly ask you to fill out the application below so we can get the ball rolling.