TOO OFTEN, we reach an age where we accept that we didn’t accomplish everything on our bucket list and decide to live out the rest of our days in routine. But Costco member Webb Weiman, founder of the nonprofit organization Jump!, based in La Quinta, California, has set out to change that. Jump! provides opportunities to seniors to help them accomplish even their wildest wishes. In 2011, Weiman, 54, accompanied his wife, Kimberly Lee, a lawyer, to an estate-planning presentation at a senior center and wound up having lunch with a woman named Estelle Eisenberg. She expressed an interest in skydiving for her 90th birthday, and when Weiman found out she had no one to take her, he volunteered. That July, the two went skydiving, and the occasion became the catalyst for founding the aptly named organization. Weiman says his motivation came in honor of not only Eisenberg, but also his parents, who passed away before they could complete their own bucket lists. Since Eisenberg’s jump, the organization has helped 30 other seniors across the country do everything from driving big rigs and race cars to parasailing, as well as tamer activities such as train rides or connecting with communities. Each recipient’s adventure is filmed for a “Jumpisode,” which is featured on the Jump! website ( “It’s those moments—to see the passion in their eyes and to feel the gratitude in their hearts goes beyond any words that I could describe,” says Weiman, whose own bucket list includes visiting wine regions around the world. “I hope we can continue to explore new territories and really … make dreams come true for people from all walks of life.” —Hana Medina