An amazing weekend in San Francisco! I was there to produce a story about the Grant Avenue Follies for Jump!  The roots of this female Chinese dance troupe started back in the Forbidden City, which was the home of the Chinese nightclubs on Grant Avenue.

Today, the dance troupe is primarily made up of ladies ranging from their mid-sixties to late seventies. The previous three Jumpisodes were based on individual seniors, so I was extremely excited to have this opportunity.

A special thanks to my good friend and talented editor, Derek Chin, for making the introduction.  The apple certainly doesn’t fall far from this tree as Emily Chin is the kind of lady that every kid would want as their mom. She graciously welcomed me into her home, and the warmth and hospitality from the other dancers was unprecedented. I watched the Grant Avenue Follies perform at the historic Herbst Theatre in downtown San Francisco the day before.  Words can’t describe how incredible this weekend was, and I can only hope that the story I produce for Jump! does these women justice and inspire other seniors.

These are not only women in their golden years defying the laws of age, but bringing joy to senior homes and retirement centers from Hawaii to Washington D.C.

My mission is to inspire and enrich the lives of as many seniors as possible, and the experience I shared with Grant Avenue Follies only confirmed that the real joy not only comes from the stories I get to tell, but the special people I have the privilege to meet.